Zengun Group AB (publ), Org. nr: 559177-5282, (“Zengun”)


The Bonds are freely transferable but the Bondholders may be subject to purchase or transfer restrictions with regard to the Bonds, as applicable, under local laws to which a Bondholder may be subject. Each Bondholder must ensure compliance with such restrictions at its own cost and expense.

Issue volume

The initial issued volume is SEK 450,000,000 within a total framework amount of SEK 600,000,000.

First Issue Date

23 May 2019.

Denomination, nominal amount and trading post

The Bonds are denominated in Swedish Kronor.

The initial nominal amount of each Initial Bond is SEK 1,000.

The initial total nominal amount for the Bonds is SEK 450,000,000 with a maximum total amount of the Bonds of SEK 600,000,000.

The minimum permissible investment in the Initial Bond Issue is SEK 1,200,000.

Interest and amortization

The bonds carry a floating interest rate of STIBOR 3m + 8 per cent. per annum.

The Issuer shall repay the Bonds in the amounts and at the dates set out in the table below. To the extent any of the below dates is not a Business Day, the Business Day following from an application of the Business Day Convention.

Amortisation date Amortisation amount
23 May 2020 SEK 35,000,000
23 May 2021 SEK 40,000,000

Any repayment of the Bonds, shall reduce the Nominal Amount of each outstanding Bond by the amount repaid pro rata (rounded down to the nearest SEK 1.00). The remaining outstanding amount under the Bonds shall be redeemed on the final Redemption Date.

Final Maturity Date

means 23 May 2022 (three (3) years after the First Issue Date (23 May 2019)).

Early redemption at the Issuer’s request

Can be made according to paragraph 9.3-9.4 in the complete bond terms

Events of Default

The events of default are available unde the terms that are set out in paragraph 15 in the complete bond terms

Credit ratings

The Company or the Bonds have no credit ratings.

Euroclear Sweden registration

The bonds are registered on their securities account (avstämningskonto] on behalf of bondholders, so no physical securities have been issued. Thus, the Bonds must be registered in accordance with the Financial Instruments Accounts Act (Kontoföringslagen). Requests for a certain registration measure regarding the Bonds shall be directed to the account operator.

ISIN: SE0012481414